Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Santa Santa

If I haven't been much of a presence in blogland recently it's because of all the frenetic Christmas activity going on round thisaway.

To wit.

showing santa to the tree_7285

The Mothers Group Party. Jenny took over the hosting because it was very rainy and we wouldn't all have fitted inside my house. She is totally ace like that. One of the Dads dressed up as Santa and caused much hilarity by persistently mispronouncing all their names. My boys showed Santa the way to the tree, his eyesight was pretty dodgy...

kindergarten santa_7266

The Kindergarten party. Held at the same time and place as a local Carols by Candlelight and another Kinder's party, so there was a slight concern for this Santa in case he got mobbed by all the other kids. In the end Santa just chatted to the kids and our kinder teachers handed out goodies. Cherub was very adorable talking to Santa, and didn't hear Santa ask if he'd been a good girl.

handmade xmas gifts7313

All the end-of-year good-byes mean little presents for teachers. I got busy this year and made coconut ice christmas trees and macadamia star biscuits, to go with the handmade gift tags. I am SO handmade this year. Well, apart from, you know, all the stuff I'm buying with Prime Minister Rudd's handy Christmas handout. I can tell you that Fixit is getting something much more expensive this year than I originally planned. Sshh. Don't tell him.

bubble santas_7281


  1. The radiance in your boys' faces is just wonderful to behold!!

    How on earth do you make such perfect cookies? I've tried two batches now, with horrible results. I'm about to resign myself to circles only. bah!

  2. That is a lot of Santa.

    I'm very impressed by your baking!

  3. Look at all your fab homemade goodies - you most excellent blogger you. Me, apart from the supreme effort of knitting one scarf I resorted to wine and beer (advantages of a hubby in the industry).

  4. Doesn't Cherub's shirt say he's a boy? Santa can be daft at times. Beautiful photo!

  5. am loving the bubbles ... also do tell how you make coconut ice into tress - very cute :)

    We too are using the child bonus for a merry xmas - we have done what ruddie said and spent it already - ya :)

  6. Great photos, and nice one of you too. Would you like me to give Cherub a haircut for Christmas? Just a little bit off the front? Eh?

  7. Or maybe a lot. Kids at the big school could be cruel.

  8. You are turning into a crafty arty, homemade-treats woman for SURE! You are one of those women who I can only dream of being!

    The pre-Christmas period has been a bit hectic here, too. I am trying my best to keep it simple and enjoy it all.

  9. Coconut ice. I'm hungry.

    Also: Cherub's hair must stay! Stay! STAY!!!!! Whack a boogie board under his arm and BAM! it's surfer hair, not girls hair...

  10. Yum. Coconut ice. I often intend to do the homemade teacher present thing...but time always seems to overtake me. That's waht happens when your school breaks up the first week of December.

  11. What a yummy Christmas you are having! So Santa's eye sight is so bad he can't read a shirt that says: "long-haired BOY". They are both so lovely, eyes shining with the anticipation of Christmas.

  12. What expressive faces your kids have got. Lovely.

  13. Man... next thing you'll be writing tutorials and handing out recipe and cooking tips.

    Cherub's hair is beautiful - kids at big school are perfectly capable of accepting and embracing every individual, it is more likely adults who struggle with it.

  14. Love their santa faces.

    I hear you about the busy time of year. I can't imagine trying to get ready for the holidays, and be wrapping up the school year as well!

  15. I absolutely refuse to say for the millionth bloody time this year how gorgeous your boys are. I won't say it, and you can't make me.

    But geeze Louise, what you CAN make is some gorgeous looking bickies and coconut ice!

    You are becoming quite the little housefrau aren't you?

    And hey! Did anybody see My Float sneak a message in up there ^^ ?

    Where'd she come from?

  16. I think I must have made myself ill on Coconut Ice once.. as the image of it always turns my stomach.

    How *gorgeous* are your boy's faces in that first pic - OMG, Santa !! Yayy !! :)


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