Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Christmas Tree goes up.

You know what really says Christmas to me? Having a real tree at Christmas time. It's the smell of a pine tree in a loungeroom. Sure, they are messy, and wonky, and getting more and more expensive, but the smell! It brings me Christmas cheer.

We did some preliminary decorating when Fixit first brought the tree home. While he sawed off excess branches so we could fit it in a pot, I found some pretty fabric for the underlay and Cherub got the stuff together for a circular track round the outside.

track around the tree_7193

Then we waited till after dinner and bath, and the whole family including Nell began the decorating process.

nell threads_7202

Nell is very good for tying fiddly string onto ornaments and unravelling tangled fairy lights. The boys are good at hanging baubles (up to a certain height of course), and Fixit is good for reaching up high and plugging stuff in. I float around filling gaps and directing operations.

putting up the tree_7216

Bertie Wooster, however, is good for nothing.

bad cat!_7235

Climber took a hand in the photography, behind and in front of the camera. This is him doubling as a particularly rosy-cheeked elf. I'm pretty sure he has 5th disease (also called parvovirus or slapped face/cheek.) He's absolutely fine, and I would like to reassure everyone that no actual slapping was responsible for this face:

climber self-portrait_7214

There was of course discussion about who should put the star on. Cherub had been eyeing it off ever since I bought it last week, and wasn't going to let any height requirements enter the agenda.

christmas star_7207

In the end we had a sort of mid-air passing ceremony so that both boys did the star. This montage shows the action, but in a strange order: basically start at the top on the right hand side and go down that column, then go the middle top and down then the left.


The Cherub was also facing health issues, he gagged on his dinner (he had this mean mother telling him to get on with it, just eat that last mouthful for goodnessakes) which caused him to bomit it back up and he was heard to repeat pathetically many times during that evening I don't like bomiting. Well, who does? And maybe just maybe the bomit wasn't all the faultmeanmother, as his guts have been acting up all weekend (causing me to thank my stars that he has finally learnt the ancient art of wiping his own bottom). Nell captured this last photo of us; rather than saying Happy Christmas! or even cheese! we are all saying Cherub farted!!, and if you look at his pleased but slightly guilty face you'll know it's true.

family portrait_7238


  1. Oh Stomper, your posts are guaranteed Sunday-blues-chasing-away-ish. If you see what I mean.

    The look on your face makes it clear to me that as the one closest to ground zero, you were most affected by the blast. Looks like it was a fearful stench!

    Christmas is coming and I LOVE Christmas with kids in the house. Thanks for showing us your tree :-)

  2. Lovely! Thank you for having us to your tree-trimming party. Jeez, you and your family are photogenic.

    What is it with little boys and farting, anyhow? Why do they have to take such pride in sharing their gas with us?

    LOL about the "bomiting". My kid and I were at a restaurant one day when he abruptly stood up and announced that he needed to "cuke". Huh? I was trying to figure out if he was talking about the cucumber in my salad when he marched off to the toilet. Once there, he very neatly and precisely leaned over the toilet, a skill I didn't know he had. Ah. So that's what "cuke" means!

  3. oh wow - those cheeks are certainly are merry and bright!

  4. They'll never forget this time - and when they are all grown up every Christmas it will be

    "Do you remember that incredibly smelly fart Cherub did that year?"

  5. Aw, I don't have a live tree this year, although they are my favourite. You all have done an excellent job of decorating too!

  6. No more crazy willows for us.

    The 14yo has threatened to leave home if I put anything but a pinus radiata up.


    They do smell nice, don't they?

  7. How awesome are your photos ?!
    Nice tree too :)

    I was walking home from kinder last week with the Master and he was telling me of a sore tummy .. 'oh, I said, did you need to go to the toilet then?'.
    "no", he said 'i sarted'.

    Took me a mo' ( we normally say 'pop-pop', as in 'who pop-popped?' )

    So now we sart.
    A bit like a bomit, I suppose ;)

  8. Didn't you used to have a label/tag called Who barted?

    Also, watch out for Bertie. If he's anything like the Burmese cats I've known and loved, he'll pee in that Christmas tree pot when you're not watching.

  9. I love your family.

    I've been going around the dollar stores lately, getting lots of joke stuff - the farting goop is really, really good if you want to see your whole family with tears on their cheeks!

  10. The Wallace and Grommit dvd will be sent off after work today.
    Great photos. The boys did the entire tree decorating this year while I sat beside it sewing. After years of me directing operations, all unconsciously they decorate the tree just as I would!

  11. Looks like the North Pole sent you some really cute elves this year. Isn't it great when they finally master those "ancient arts?" That really cracked me up [any percieved pun here is purely accidental!]

  12. What a great post and photos!

    It looks like a really fun time was had. I'm not going to say again how gorgeous your kids are.

    I'm not.

    (but they are)

  13. Dash it, my excuse for not even considering putting the tree up yet is that we always have a real one and it would be all droppy by Christmas. And there are you, putting yours up. Mind you, you possibly don't the central heating on at the moment, which adds to the droppishness.

    Lovely to share your evening, though.

  14. Laughing at Mary's comment. So true!

    What a lovely time you all had!

  15. Love tree-trimming night. That photo would be great to send with the Chrissy cards!

  16. Fairy lights and a fart joke.

    Christmas preparations are fantastic at your place!

  17. What gorgeous photos. I like that you've included Bertie in the family shot. As he should be.

  18. Love the photos... Looks like so much fun.

    Silly me though, I still can't get used to the idea of Christmas in the summer. Probably no more so than you could get used to the idea of it here, eh?

    My boys are also enjoying their advent calendars, but Tizzy keeps sneaking his chocolate, so it's quite possible he's not going to have anything left to open after the next week or so. That'll teach him :)


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