Wednesday, December 24, 2008

You'd Better Not Pout.

The kids gave me their slapped-cheek disease (or parvovirus) for Christmas, which is what the arthritic pain in my joints and the itchy feet were all about. Symptoms could go for up to 12 weeks, but at least my cheeks are not red. Yet.


Climber wrote another letter for Santa, but it wasn't a request for toys. It's just an up-front thank you to him for coming tonight. We've left it on the boys' bedroom door for him to collect personally.

thankyou santa letter_7362

We'll leave him a beer too and a drawing from Cherub.

drawing of santa_7361

Seriously, kids make this time so special, even when they give you the parvovirus.

Happy Christmas everyone. I hope you have a really splendid one, with love from us all here at Blog Stomper. xx


  1. Is that VAMPIRE SANTA? Oh please oh please oh please....

    Merry Christmas Stompers!!!

  2. Alas, I think it is a beard, not fangs!

  3. Climber's one clever boy. There's nothing like thanking people in advance to ensure you get what you want.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hope to see you in the New Year. Unless you forget all about it of course.

  4. Santa could not possibly be nicer than your family.

    Have a lovely day together, slapped cheeks and all.

  5. Beautiful.

    Merry Christmas, Scrabble Devil.

  6. Have a merry Christmas Stomper and Stomper clan. May Santa bring all that is asked for. With those slapped checks Santa will think you are dressing the part of Mrs Claus.

  7. ohhh, isn't that so cool. the drawing and letter I mean, not the virus... hope that goes asap....
    ... and wishing you all a wonderful Christmas

  8. What a wonderful thank-you letter. Tops!

    Happy Christmas to everyone in Stomperland!

  9. Happy Christmas to all the Stompers! And I continue to stand in awe of Climber's excellent penmanship. We're all chicken-scratchers here, yo.

  10. He's a great kid. They are both great kids.

    Which can only mean that you and Fixit are great parents.


  11. Love the postcode.

    Happy Christmas SG,

  12. What else are they to give when they don't have any money? AT least you look, er, nice and cheery for the holiday! Love the note. Love the drawing. Abby has finished opening everything and grateful little bit that she is has asked: "Aren't there any MORE presents?"

    Merry Christmas from my crew, including the greedy one.

  13. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Hope you are all better soon.

  14. Your family are lovely..those boys are edible...

  15. Christmas is never quite as magical as when you have little people in the house! Hope Santa was good to you all!

  16. HA! The excluding family thing is killing me! HA! Love that!

    Hope your holiday was awesome!

  17. Oh dear, poor you! I hope Santa makes a return visit (why wouldn't he?) and makes you better.

  18. I never knew people got parvovirus. Hope your kitty is ok!

    Happy Happy New Year Stomper & Mr Fixit & adorable Climber & Cherub.

  19. Ooh beer... and we thought we were being generous when we gave him bubble water instead of run of the mill milk to wash down the cookies!
    It really was special this year. Nothing like young kids to put the magic into the holiday.
    Hope you're feeling better and your cheeks aren't too red.

  20. ...yes...i got the parvo gift for chrissy as happy and healthy and feel like crap!


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