Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Last Day of Kindergarten

Today was the Cherub's last day at kindergarten, an event that loomed large on my emotional calendar. I love our kinder so much that actually I never want to leave it. It is a fantastic place, with great resources and wonderful staff and I count myself and my boys lucky to have somehow scraped our way in there. When Climber was three we were told by our local council that they did not have a place for him at any of the local kindergartens, and we'd already been knocked back by some out-of-area kinders, so when I heard that our one might have a vacancy I made my sister ring up from Canberra and find out if it was true because we were going through this at that time and I didn't think I'd be able to hear someone else tell me no. But luckily they said yes to us. And I'm still thankful, because both my boys had a beautiful year there.

My plan for this afternoon was to collect the Climber from his last day at school and then just hang around for a while. I wanted to let the Climber, who is also very attached to the place, have a last good play there, because he always wants to play and explore, and I have not really been able to indulge this what with having been so busy, busy, busy at this time of year. And of course I wanted to take plenty of photos and maybe even some video footage of my little Cherub whizzing around with his friends. I wanted to savour it.

But poor old Cherub caught Climber's Slapped Cheek Disease and although when I sent him off this morning he was pink-faced but happy, by lunchtime he was sad and not joining in or eating or anything, and what else could I do with a face like this but take him home early?

cherub's last day at kinder_7320


  1. Poor baby. He does look miserable. I'm sure that you'll get a much smiley-er photo soon as he begins school. How exciting for him.

  2. Oh dear! Hope he's feeling chirpy again very soon.

  3. A shame it didn't work out as you planned but if you're sick and miserable there's only one thing to make you better - mummy.

  4. Definitely needs a mother's cuddles. Poor little Cherub. Poor Stomper Girl. Abby starts Pre-K next year and I am simply unprepared for the fact that my baby, my BABY, is big enough for preschool.

  5. Oh that face!

    Maybe it was for the best - rather than a long goodbye!

  6. Oh dear. Poor you-all. I've just read about your awful time with Fixit and all and OH DEAR!! I'm glad you're all better now - what a terrible time.

  7. Oh :( :(

    I was sad to leave our kinder too. AB wanted to take MC in the am, so he got to give out the gifts and chat/thank our lovely teachers.

    I did the pick-up, and was SO SAD that our best girls had taken early marks, and the only person left was the hardfaced-teacher-proper, who was reading a story to the other kids, so it was just like any other day, and I didn't get to say 'goodbye' properly :(

    I think i'll have to write some proper thankyous to 'our' girls in the New Year.

  8. Boy, he doesn't have a poker face does he? Let it all hang out Cherub, I'd be sad about leaving kinder too.

  9. Awww, where's his happy little face? I hope it comes back soon!

    Stop hitting your kids!

  10. Oh, the poor boy!!

    I register Rosey for Primary next month. I'm so not ready to have both of mine going to school.

  11. Poor Cherub. Hope he is all better now.

  12. Oh poor thing!! Hope he is better soon.
    So will you have two at big school next year?

  13. Poor little Cherub. He looks so sad.
    I just read through the whole birth story / Fixit's illness saga.
    The things we go through.

  14. Awww. The poor Cherub. Hope he's feeling better now? There's so many illnesses doing the rounds at the moment - something about the weather and the end of the school year, I think.


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