Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ten Dot Points.

  • The rostering system at Fixit's work sucks. They tell him his next week's roster, which could include evening or weekend work, three days prior. (And don't think he gets paid overtime for working crazy shifts or 91/2 hour days. Oh no.) This means I am now hosting the Mother's Group Christmas Party on my own. How anyone at that company is supposed to organise their Festive Season Social Life is beyond me.
  • It is probably just as well that our Festive Season Social Life is restricted to kiddie events this year, like the Kinder Party on Thursday and the Grade 2 Party next week. Yep, that's it. Live it up, hohoho.
  • Climber's Slapped Face Disease has almost left his face and he now has a lacy rash over his shoulders, arms and legs. There's no pain or discomfort, he's just a bit more decorated than normal.
  • The boys are really getting into the nightly ritual of the advent calendar. We have those crappy commercial el-cheapo open the little door for a chocolate ones, but at least the Cherub got the Thomas the Tank Engine one, bought mid-November as I stood in a long queue at Toys R Us. At no point did I search out a suitably themed one for Climber, I did what I always do which is run into the local supermarket in a panic on November 30th, and grab the only option available which is always Blinky Bill. Not that I'm down on Blinky Bill but this is the 3rd year running that Climber has had that one. Luckily all he cares about is the chocolate inside.
  • I say: Dinner's ready boysies and Cherub calls back: Okay we just have to destroy the bad guys first.
  • The fact that I have not screamed abuse at or performed physical violence on Fixit and his very annoying hacky, phlegm-y noisy cough is testament to what a saint I am.
  • I've just finished the Mary S. Lovell biography of the Mitford Girls and loved it. I suspect I will be searching out more things Mitford from now on. It was the perfect book to read hot on the heels of Brideshead Revisited. I now realise I need to own Love In A Cold Climate and The Pursuit of Love; the library's versions which served in the past are now not good enough.
  • I'm finding it very hard to buy presents for anyone who is not my child when I go shopping.
  • The second of my happy swap cds arrived but our clapped out cd player wouldn't recognise it so I've only been able to listen to snatches of it through my computer's crappy speakers, when the kids would let me near. I'm working on it, but meantime thank you so much trixiejones and friends!
  • I harvested the first broccoli from our garden:
Isn't it teeny-tiny? Fixit probably planted them too close together.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a very young boy busy destroying the bad guys.

    Your broccoli looks lovely! Mine took over my garden and got infested. When I decided to yank it all out in frustration, I noticed a teensy tiny florette. That's all I ever got, tons of infested foliage and one tiny florette.

  2. This was a very nice, fascinating synopsis of life.

    Advent calendars - I'm glad your sons will eat the chocolate. Mine won't. He tries to force it in my mouth instead, and it's not something I need to be eating right now.

    Appropriately enough, my word verification is "porko".

  3. I have Love in a Cold Climate, and I no longer need to own it, so I could send it to you just as soon as I find it.

    My word verification is 'wisher'

  4. The Rostering system sounds depressing... and hard to work with.

  5. Your broccoli is fine, it's green and broccoli-ey, anyone who can grow anything more exotic than lettuce leaves me well impressed.

    Will talk to you about what i can do to help on Sunday, that is not fair. bloody shift work.


  6. I like the sound of December at your house. My teeth are paying the price of a malnourished youth and I'm paranoid about the Ratbag inheriting what my mum calls "Our Bad Teeth" so I don't let him have avent calendars. I'm a mean mummy.

  7. Well what else would you do with bad guys???

  8. Does anyone at Fixit's work have a family? Surely it is a difficult system for anyone who wants to sustain a reasonable relationships. No wonder he has a cough - he's working too hard and at random hours. (I'm still trying to push your sympathy button - you do have one...?)

  9. we're doing the crappy chocolate advent calnder this year and my oh my what a weapon, oops I mean incentive to better behaviour it can be - grace, do you want your number ten chocolate (see we're working it in with numeracy too), well then, sit down and eat your dinner (instead of harrassing the cat, climbing out the window, jumping on the table, strangling herself with the blind cord). Is working a treat. Dunno what we're going to use come boxing day.

    I think your broccoli looks lovely.

    sit down and stop str

  10. Am about to read Brideshead Revisited for booksclub. Must go get it.

    Now you've picked the Broccoli it will keep sprouting from everywhere quicker than you can say...broccoli.

  11. I love that broccoli. So yummy looking. Amazing how home grown looks so much brighter and more delicious than anything from the market.

    Poor Fixit. I'm the same way with Rob. Symapathy lasts about 30 minutes.... I hand out a cool drink, a throat lozenge and pills... then I have things to do, dammit.

  12. J snorts. Snotty snorts.

    Killing him is a definite option.

    Re Mitfords - If you can get copies of letters between Nancy and Evelyn Waugh - amazing - I have quite a lot of biographical stuff I could post down to you - they are very addictive that lot...

  13. Small veges are so much more tastier and packed full o' goodness .. rather than those large tasteless ones you can buy.

    So there :p

    Oh - and thanks for the book recommendations !

  14. Oh my, Fixit has hairy legs!


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