Friday, December 05, 2008

Making and Doing

I spent most of yesterday putting together my happy cd for Sooz's swap. It only took that long because of technical difficulties but I heaved a huge sigh of relief when I posted them this morning. Then I knocked up another one for Frogdancer in gratitude for services rendered vis a vis Wallace & Grommet. Sooz despite having a week of hell managed to get hers out so that I received my first cd yesterday, and I see that she and I have quite similar tastes and were probably knocking round the same gigs in our lives Before Children.

happy cds_7186

I ordered the WhipUp calendar, featuring two of my favourite bloggers Poppalina and Ric-Rac, and that arrived in all its beauty this week. I just need to find somewhere to hang it because the other calendar spot is right in the cooking prep area, and poor old Leunig '08 is covered in splatters. Purchase of the calendar entitled me to a new member discount at Red Bubble so I have ordered a present for Fixit from there which I can't tell you about yet, but I think it will be really nice.

Finally, the boys and I made the Christmas cards! See, I craft. Once, sometimes twice a year...

cherub makes a tag_7187

I found the idea and tutorial at this awesome site, and I am so chuffed with how beautiful the results are. They were also so simple and fun to make...

handmade christmas cards_7190

...that I decided to make gift tags as well..

handmade christmas tags_7189

Now for the shopping. Have I mentioned how much I love the internet? I've already done some online purchasing and it beats the hell out of shlepping round a Shopping Centre.


  1. Oh, poo.

    I'd totally blanked on sending the Christmas cards.

  2. Those Cristmas cards are awesome in their own right!

  3. Stomper you are a fully-fledged member of the crafter community! With the cd making you are a techno-crafter.

  4. Watch Stomper as she pretends she's not a crafter.


    Of course, the real reason I am moving house is so I can get out of Christmas presents in any shape or form.

    I am Non Crafting Woman.

  5. You are a very good and organised and crafting Stomper woman..

  6. What's on your happy CD? Anything non pop?
    You sound very organised. Here I am still thinking choir, not Christmas, but that excuse is about to expire.

  7. You are clever.

    It started with a simple knit. Then a purl. Then another knit.

    Now look at you! Making your own cards and stuff.

    Clever girl.

  8. Those cards ARE beautiful (she admits, half surprised - only 'cause I can't craft, but then why would I want to?)

  9. Everything is looking very festive round at your place!

    I am always in awe of people who make their own Christmas cards. I would never be that organised, or that artistic! You and the boys have done brilliantly.

  10. Very impressive!

    I'm way behind with my blogreading but have just been chortling away at your listening-to-Fixit-talking-engineering post. Mr Life is an accountant. I may be even less interested in accountancy than you are in physics.

    My verification word is "shiver". I don't think I've ever had a real word before.

  11. Wow! You're just totally talented. What a nice gift for those who receive them.

  12. The Christmas Card pressure is starting to get to me. We traditionally do a photo card... but I'm out of good ideas for a theme this year.

    Love the cards you made! Aren't you clever. Completely in love with internet shopping. So simple. No crowds. No cranky shoppers. No cross children. Sigh.... heavenly

  13. Thanks for letting me know that you got your cd- hope you enjoy it!

    ps. I meant to include a language warning, one track has a word that little ears shouldn't hear!!!


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