Saturday, August 07, 2010

Good News Week, day 2

The good news is that today is Saturday, and Saturdays are ace. An early morning session with the chiropractor, a lovely walk to the tap hall while Fixit takes the boys to soccer, a crazy fun-filled morning teaching 4 classes of tap dance to super-awesome children, who smile their wonderful smiles and make me laugh and give me hugs, and dance and skip and sing. Then it's off to grab takeaway coffee from Ian's and lunch from Sunny's, maker of the world's best sausage rolls, followed by an afternoon chill-out. Saturdays are a great day round our way.

In other good news, I dried 2 loads of washing completely on the line, no finishing it off on a drying rack inside, because the sun came out and stayed out for 2 whole days. Rain is good, we need rain, I'm not whinging about the rain. But two days of sunshine is most welcome.

sorted washing and cat 3930

In other news, yesterday I braved the horror that is Norflands (aka Northland, local large shopping complex) in order to take advantage of a Target sale. So my underwear situation is now out of crisis, repeat, out of crisis, and bonus, I found a ten-dollar bra which was purple! Good news in anyone's language, I think you'll agree.

And saving the best news for last, Fixit finally did the weeding near the rosemary. We're neither of us very into gardening, especially me, I am far too princess-y to get my hands dirty, but we do like it when the garden is looking good. Sad to say, the poor old yard is not looking at all good at the moment; all the rain -which I am definitely not whinging about- has made a mudbath of the lawn and there has also been a winter's worth of neglect. But when I saw that one of the few lovely things we have in the garden was about to bud, I nagged Fixit to do one of his famous super-weeds. He grumbled I'm too busy and I said nonsense! you're a superweeder it will only take you 5 minutes, which is almost true. And so now, this little sweet smelling bulb, the Erlicheer, has room to breathe and bloom, and if that's not good news I don't know what is.



  1. I dried on the line to day too, wheeee :)

  2. Purple bras, sunshine filled days and blooming flowers. Your cup runneth over with goodness.

  3. Erlicheers - the best of names, the best of scents!

  4. The little things can make us truly happy (like a $10 purple bra). Bargain!

  5. sunshine, purple bras and a flower ...its good news week alright.

  6. I attempted to dry towels on the line today but I think it's still too damp for towels. It was not a success.

    Happy Saturday!

  7. Woo-hoo all round.

    But the best sausage rolls we have found happened to be 'Greggs', from London. I need to therefore get myself off to your Melb suburb to try Sunny's to compare.

    BTW, my word vert. is 'blessed'

  8. Thanks for the good news stories, keep 'em coming! And I love weeding!

  9. I always love a good photo of the washing - on the line or in stacks.
    p.s. Thanks for your comment on my blog!


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