Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good News Week, Day 7


I wish I could say that the good news is that I finished painting the new set of boards for my Tap Hall, but sadly this is not the case. I'm about two-thirds through, which feels okay. Contrary to my normal modus operandi, I don't want to rush this job, even though, as you can probably see in the photo above, my old green boards are in a pretty tragic state. But seeing as I went to the trouble of planning a new board configuration and getting proper paint advice, I'm determined to do this task properly, so that the new set are really ace to begin with, and then last the distance.

So. The good news for today is that I grabbed an old pair of shoes and gave the finished boards a little try-out and I think this unassuming looking paint is the goods. The surface was not slippery and seemed able to sustain some pretty solid blows so I'm feeling cautiously happy about that. The acid test will be when all the kids come tumbling in of a Saturday morning and start playing the crazy game of running from hall-end to hall-end, which they all seem to do in the minute or 2 between one class finishing and another starting, whilst I grab a quick drink and chat to anyone who needs my attention. But at this rate I don't expect to have the new boards in place for another week, as there are other bits to do beyond just 2 coats of paint on top. So the kids can keep running crazily back and forth on the dinged up old green boards for at least one more Saturday.



  1. The kids are going to adore the little TAP stencils!

  2. You're a clever clogs...errr...tappers. :)

  3. TAP! That's going to be stuck in my head all night now ;)

  4. Damn, lady. You always make my feet come over all twitchy-like ('specially with sparkles on your floor).

  5. Your lovely Good News Week has cheered me no end!
    And I see Basil has made some cameo appearances, which are lovely to see.
    Along with your very handsome sons, of course!

  6. The boards look great - cool stencils.


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