Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I can't think of title for this one

very nice rainbow 4002

So I'm STILL painting the new tap boards and I've really, really had enough now. I think I've mentioned before my princess tendencies? We princesses do not like drudgery, and painting 28 tap boards (6ft x 3ft) with 2 coats on the top, one coat underneath and a final coat with a paintbrush all around the edges definitely falls into the drudgery category. However, I am up to the edges of the last 9 boards so the end is in sight. Hurrah. Can't wait to lay them down and try them out. I think. Sort of. Well. There will definitely be a tap-shoe inspection before every class (in that first week anyway), because if my new boards get scratched from a loose screw I will burst into noisy tears. Don't go trashing my drudgery, is all I'm saying.

On the days when the Tap Hall is being used by other groups -meaning I've been unable to paint- I have occupied myself making the second pair of pants for Master Climber; more tasteful grey but this time with extra fleecy pockets.

DSC_4005 DSC_4006

Clearly I've gone a bit sewing-crazy and this has led to me agreeing to help with the costumes for Climber's class' number in the Grade 3/4 concert. The concert theme is Inventions, and Climber's class chose The Wheel so they will be dressed as cavepeople. The girls in animal print lycra and the boys in polar fleece which is being thrown out at the moment for $6 a metre. I'm sewing/cutting the boys' stuff but said I'd go purchase all the fabric. That's my Thursday all accounted for then, flitting between GJs, Rathdowne Remnants and possibly Spotters to see who has the best deal in cheap fur coloured fleece.

Guess what song they're going to use for The Wheel. No go on .. oh you already guessed didn't you? Yes. You're right. It is Proud Mary. Actually when I said to Fixit something along the lines of gee that wasn't half obvious he looked confused and said what is this Proud Mary song? so Climber and I sang Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river and it was at that point that Fixit admitted he thought that song was actually called Rolling On The River.

Cherub had quite a bad case of nits last week, and because he is well overdue for a haircut, and nit combing was a nightmare with all those knotty split ends, I eventually cracked and took to his curls with the scissors. It's a very wonky job, in need of a professional tidy-up but meantime I can now get a comb through without Cherubic overuse of the word Ow.



  1. I did hit a point, when painting my craft room, where I caught myself glowering darkly at the walls. And I thought to myself, 'I am getting PRETTY TIRED of painting'.

    But it was worth it, in the end. And think how satisfying it will be to line them all up and admire them when they're done!

    I am so impressed by the pants. Sewing skillz. Mad ones.

  2. I think the hair looks pretty good.

  3. deep sympathy on the delousing - i casually lifted up one of w's locks on the weekend and reeled back at the seething hordes lurking beneath :( your haircutting looks better than mine!

    good luck on the fur hunting - yell out if you see me in gjs :)

  4. There's a full-on epidemic of those foul little critters at the moment...everyone I know has at least one case in their household!!

    It drove me to tell friends last week that I was prepared to vote for any party that could come up with a national lice eradication policy. I still think it could be the deal maker with the independents...if they have kids.

    Oh...and sympathies on the drudgery...congratulations on the sewing. I got a bit carried away with the lice.

  5. I think you should dress the cavepeople in bright pink faux fur. What? Ayla probably invented that stuff, she invented everything else...

  6. Boo to excessive tap board painting. Or.
    Any of it?
    We princesses really do need Staff for those things.

  7. Oh, I feel you on the painting. I'm painting the godammed house! So, so sick of it, and I still have so much to do.

    Like your boards, it does look good when done though.

    The pants look great. I look forward to seeing the costumes. Big wheel keep on turning.

  8. I think 'ow' is pretty good anyway. We have proper screaming, with glasses smashing in different rooms.

  9. I agree w. the lovely and gracious Shula. Perhaps the boy can be upgraded to Seraph?

    PS Your haircuttingness is a LOT more sympathetic than mine would have been.

  10. Condolences re the lice.

    Son #3 hasn't had a case since The Great Scarab Adventure of 2009, thank god.

  11. Um, by my calculations, there should be a pot of gold in that shed.

    Oh and I confess to Fixit-like ignorance. How ridiculous, calling that Song proud Mary. Pffft.

  12. How did you get to be so princessy, coming from such a republican family?
    Your sewing skills seem to be developing apace.
    Death to the nits!

  13. I think Fairlie's on to something re independents and nits. Perhaps that's why Bob Katter wears a hat all the time.
    We had them a few weeks back. Little suckers.

  14. YOu are far more patient than me - out come the clippers and a number four haircut when the nits appear in our household!

  15. Thought of you last Monday at Lake Mountain. The Flipster on the toboggan run at stellar pace but all I could see was "Action Hair". ;-)

  16. There is a proper nit salon here in NQ. You take your kids with nits and hair dressers treat them. It is a VERY thorough treatment, then they sit out the back and watch a DVD until it's time to rinse and go home. The nits and their lousy parents are all gone afterward.


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