Friday, August 06, 2010

It's Good News Week

In my 20s and 30s the news in my life was of graduations, travel, engagements, marriages, house-buying / renovations, babies. But just right now, my news seems to consist of the sad and the bad: parents dying or declining, marriages ending, seriously debilitating or life-threatening illnesses. In one case, both those last things together, which has been quite ghastly to witness. Now, I'm not sure if this profusion of bad and sad news is due to my demographic and from here-on in I can expect my news to just get worse, or if maybe there's some astrological catastrophe circling the heavens causing carnage and upheaval, but I am starting to feel a little bit overwhelmed by the sheer mass of misery.

Which is why I'm declaring it Good News Week. I need a week of good news! Doesn't matter how small, I am having 7 days of happy announcements.

Here's Day 1:

Cherub's Grade One Concert last night was awesome.


He's been so excited about it and on the night he had a great time. His class performed The Shoemaker and The Elves, and Cherub was a shining star. As were they all. Cherub was one of the Narrators...


...and he spoke clearly and confidently. Also, his little surreptitious waves to us (we were in the 3rd row, excellent seats) were just magnificent, keeping that balance between acknowledging that he could see us and maintaining his onstage persona and responsibilities. Once his narrating duties were discharged he became one of the elves, where he did some absolutely marvelous singing and dancing.


And to cap it off, his best buddy got a last-minute promotion to the central role of Shoemaker which is just like something out of a movie or a book, really, and added to the general excitement.

After the show we took the boys and Cherub's bestie to the Gelobar for a very unseasonal but delicious gelati treat. It was a super-fun night.



  1. He is just darling! And my heart broke a little reading about how he waved to you, as I was instructed just today that I am no longer allowed to wave at my 14 year old if any of his peers are within a 1-mile radius. Argh.

  2. that pic of him at the microphone is so precious

  3. Beautiful boys.

    Keep the good news coming!

  4. Day 1 is great! I'm looking forward to days 2-7.

    I love all kids' performances. (Except one. There *was* one concert that was like a form of ancient water torture. But that wasn't the kids fault...that had more to do with the teacher concerned.)

  5. This is just like bathing in the sea on a hot day - refreshing beyond belief!

    Thank you dear girl..

  6. Gelati! And sequins! I like the way this is going.

  7. He looks so very proud of himself. I hope all of your news is good news.

  8. Oh YES! What a good idea Stomper!

    Such a lovely start to a Good News Week to see your young fella up there on the stage. Such happy memories they will be.

    Do you want to hear some more good news? I have an interview for my dream job as a community homebirth midwife in 10 days time. Squueeeee!!!

    Hu-hmmm. We will now resume normal commenting.....

    Good news! Good News! Good news!

  9. Well worth the price of admission. Love how he always looks as if he is just keeping his excitement contained. A little happy for all of us I think!

    That Gelati looks so delicious!


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