Friday, August 20, 2010

Tip of the Iceberg

How am I supposed to make new pants out of all these when I have to keep painting tap boards all the time?


And how am I supposed to get the tap boards finished if I have to keep going to Athletics Carnivals?

Fourth Place in Long Jump

long jump1317

Third Place in High Jump

high jump1322

Mildly disappointed in himself for not performing as well as he thought he could (he's not good with pressure in a competitive situation) until I pointed out that 80% of the kids there went home without any ribbons.

athletics carnival 1323


  1. You really did buy a lot of purple fabric, didn't you? :)

    Good on Climber! I let the pressure get to me in competition too, so I understand how he feels.

  2. Ah, the Fosbury Flop. Excellent form, Climber.

  3. I can see why you think new trousers are in order looking at the amount of ankle on display by the High Jumpin' Climber.

  4. I love the fossil fabric. Use that one first. WHo knew there were so many shades of purple to be found?

    Well done to your sporty fellow.

  5. The purple cat loves lovely next to the purple fabric.
    Congrats to your Climber. He should be very proud.

  6. Basil looks to be taking care of quality control inspection for you.

    I love the fossil print too! That would make some awesome pants!

  7. What a star!!

    Great fabric colours too.

  8. Love all that fabric. I really need to overcome my fear of garment making!


Don't let the cat get your tongue.