Sunday, August 08, 2010

Good News Week, Day 3

I'll tell you what good news is. Good news is having a tap student whose husband works at a paint store. The last time I bought new MDF boards for my tap hall and painted them, I went to Bunnings where, when I eventually located a staff member to help me, I still received no real help. Which meant that I went ahead with the great but unproven idea of using paving paint, in an effort to achieve extra durability and non-slipperiness, and it was pretty much a disaster on all fronts. (Interestingly, when I looked back on that post, there was Shula in the comment box saying I needed to go to a proper paint shop next time. That woman knows what's what, that's what!!) So this time, with 28 new boards to paint, I went and saw Terry-the-husband-of-my-tap-student and it was definitely worth crossing to the other side of town to do so. Sunday afternoon turned out to be a really good time to go, because all 3 of the nice paint experts at the paint shop were at a loose end and therefore available to discuss what would work best, and we spent at least half an hour workshopping it; every few minutes one of them would say what about? and then they'd brainstorm. Talk about service! And when they'd worked out the best option, factoring in effectiveness and affordability, they rang it through at staff discount, threw in a free paint stirrer, told me to dilute the first coat and carried the 10-litre tin out to the car for me. Good service is absolutely good news in this day and age.


In other good news the 9yo Climber is interested in cooking, which meant that I was able to outsource teach him the joys of crumbing lamb cutlets, and he not only did a magnificent job of it, he arranged the finished cutlets artistically on a plate and garnished them! I thought he was running outside to play and asked if he'd finished as he shot past me, only to be exhorted Don't go in the kitchen yet! Then he raced back in with a sprig of fresh rosemary and showed me his work.


(It's a shame of course that his little brother was so pathetic at eating them later on, but it was only to be expected given his track record.)



  1. I know that's rosemary on those cutlets, but I think there may be some Basil there too in a minute... ;)

  2. I couldn't agree more about going to a real paint shop - luckily I have one just in the main street. My mum even saved money by driving back from the coutry to buy her paint (and we used CFP on her wooden floors). I also used CFP on my big wooden benches that I use in my craft space now. it's great stuff.

  3. His other little brother, the furry one, looked very interested in them. Crumbed cutlets my absolute FAVOURITE growing up, with chips and a couple of peas :)

  4. You should most certainly encourage and develop that interest!

  5. Is this a Masterchef influence? Love it. I'm sooooooo sick of painting. Did the spackeling (F it I can't spell it) last night and Rob will sand today before we finish the touchups. I'm not painting anything so tiny as a toenail for quite some time, thank you very much.

    So amazed that you got such good service! Very hard to come by these days.

  6. Absolutely the Masterchef influence at work there! Especially the presentation.

  7. Jamie Oliver turned my husband to cooking and I'm hoping MasterChef can do the same for our almost 4yo son. Snack time at kinder involves all the kids 'plating up' their fruit. Funny!

  8. Oh I LOVE crumbed cutlets! My mouth is just watering at the thought.

    Rosemary! How WONDERFUL! And Fixit just trimmed the weeds around it and all, making it easier to access.

    That is one great kid.

    Good for you on the paint! It's so bloody HARD to find an expert that really is an expert. Most of them just waffle for an hour and you walk away none the wiser. Then it turns out when you take their advice they were wrong anyway.

    Loving your good news week by the way, I missed commenting on a couple, but that's because I am in big internet trouble with hubby, he thinks I spend too long on here. Sheesh!

  9. dying to know what colour they are now....

  10. Did I really say that?

    Aren't I clever...


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