Monday, August 09, 2010

Good News Week, Day 4

castle park_1304

Good news for us was a statewide curriculum day so that all our teachers could learn the ultranet - although I suspect the thousands of teachers who went into learn all about it only to find that such a mass log-in caused the ultranet to crash did not think it such good news.

But for us it meant a sleep-in, then a trip to the Zoo Shop to buy the toy meerkat that Climber has been 'earning' by doing tap class despite being all tuckered out after soccer. Cherub, under the same deal, has been getting a pack of footy cards each week to put in his stupid album, or, as he insists he has to say it, his elben. That's how all his friends say it, allegedly, and they would laugh at him if he said album.


The other good news is that I had all the essentials with me to take the children to the magnificent Castle Park. So while my kids ran around, I sat in the sunshine, and sipped my coffee and started to knit, which was just lovely until I realised that the awful brat on the swing behind me was going to keep repeating, in her hideous whiney tones, I'm going to kick you Mister Poo-Poo, I'm going to kick you Mister Poo-Poo until finally her embarrassed mother made a half-hearted attempt to stop her by saying I don't find that funny (whilst continuing to push the kid on the swing, mind) at which point the brat changed her repetitive whine to I WANT you to find it funny, I WANT you to find it funny, for hours it felt like. Now you might think that that doesn't sound like good news, but I realised I had a solution which didn't involve moving from my comfy, sunny spot. My ipod. Goodbye irritating brat noise, hello nice music, hello really nice visit to the park for all of us. Good news.



  1. I so need an ipod to drown out brat noise -that has endless uses!
    I love an elben, sounds exotic.

  2. So true. If mine are whinging I have no qualms about putting the ipod on at home. I also wear it in shopping malls and grocery shopping, not just for brat-blocking but also to shield me from the horrors of shop-so-called-radio.

  3. It seems to me that the mother telling the kid it was not funny is a very half-hearted and ineffective way of stopping the behaviour.

  4. Does it help you to know I sing the "Good News Week" theme in my head when I read your titles?

  5. I think I am nearly the last person who doesn’t own an iPod. I am a serial late adopter. This week I shall find myself an iPod. But I'm not doing anything you tell me to next week. Cos after all the birds and bees stuff, that would all be getting a bit weird.

  6. The Ultranet.

    After such a waste of time at work today, I think it's just an urban myth.

  7. Those ipods are so useful. Best invention of the decade in my opinion. I have to say I LOVE it when kids mispronounce words. Abby says sunscream instead of sunscreen, and I hate to correct her, because it is so cute.

  8. Gotta love technology aka ipod! I love to tune out brat noises-HA!


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