Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good News Week, Day 5

Brrr Melbournians isn't it cold outside?! Or are we Melbournites? I never know. But good news today is that I'm not out in that cold, wet weather. I am home, in front of a heater, with a purring kitty on my lap, and enjoying a cup of tea and some cinnamon toast. The only thing that could top that would be lying snug in bed listening to the rain fall. And, you know, the day is still young....


For those of you not in Melbourne this is how it looks outside. There's my washing getting a final rinse in pure rainwater, I always think that makes the washing a little bit cleaner and softer.


In other good news, one of the new students at the brand new beginner tap class last night looked shocked when I said I had 2 children and told me I didn't look old enough. I do, of course, especially first thing in the morning, but there you go, if people are the right distance away from me and the lighting is favourable (fluorescent tubes, who knew?) then the bags and wrinkles under my eyes and the streaks of grey in my hair can be made invisible and I can come home with an extra big smile on my face.


  1. You should sign that student up to be on your PR team right now!

  2. I'd kill for that lovely cup of tea right now!

  3. My new sheets, and an old set, got a rinse with pure, clean rainwater last night. And another today! I'm so lucky :)

  4. I'm not even looking at my own washing line, which is on about Rinse Seven on the rainwater cycle. It can stay there until the winds come for the Spin Dry.

  5. "pure rainwater"

    two very beautiful words..

  6. Now there is where you and I differ Ms Stomper.

    I worry that my washing will get wet with rain, and if it does, I have to wash the whole lot again. I don't hang it out if there is so much as a cloudy cloud in the sky. :)


  7. I spent yesterday in front of the heater with tea and toast too! Lots of writing instead of 'other' work. And I also love it when my washing gets a rainwater rinse, its so much fresher that way! However, no one was telling me I look to young to have children.

  8. I think we know who the teacher's pet will be in this class! I'd adopt that kid if she told me that!


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