Tuesday, August 17, 2010

There's a hole in your trousers dear Climber dear Climber

The Climber is tough on clothes. Especially trousers, shoes and socks. I certainly don't bother buying Holeproof brand socks for him anymore, for fear of choking on my bitter laughter. And Climber's shoes are thrown out well before he grows out of them; there's absolutely no prospect of passing them on to his younger brother - unless Cherub doesn't mind walking around with his toes sticking out the end. As for Climber's pants, well, if I were not so slack about mending I think we would not be in such a clothing crisis, because a knee-patch in time saves 9 (pairs of trousers) but alas wherefore the knee-patches, hmmm? Domestic mathematical equation #1: trouser-destroyer plus slacker-mender equals clothing crisis.

I suppose I could have rushed to the shops and grabbed some el cheapo pants, but (a) there's not much winter stock left and (b) I find buying clothes for boys on my budget very depressing because so many of the K-mart/Target clothes have semi-violent motifs - skulls, bombs, camouflage. No thanks.

So I decided to sew.

Armed with my new book Sew What! Fleece (I love these Sew What! books, they have really taken the mystery out of sewing for me) I went to the Spotlight 20% off Everything Sale and came home with lots of fleece. Half of it is purple (I don't know how that happened) so looks like I'll be getting some new pants soon too. But first! New pants for the Trouser-destroyer, assembled in half a day, which is quite fast for me. I ended up using a Kwik Sew pattern (3773) rather than drafting my own via the book, only because of the urgency of the project.


A lot of the blogs I read feature very pretty handmade clothing, often with really nice fabrics and fancy embellishments like ric-rac or vintage buttons. Of course it's all for girls, or at a pinch quite young boy-children. I didn't want to spend all that effort making pants that he wouldn't wear, obviously, so I restrained myself with some plain, tasteful grey. You don't find much in the way of tasteful grey round these here parts, I'm just saying.

In the end I couldn't help myself, I just had to decorate them somehow.


But I couldn't sew him on properly. So I settled for this:



  1. Promise? Those books will demystify the sewing thang? Because all of a sudden, I have a hankering for grey fleece-wear. Brrrrrrrrr (yep, still embracing winter).

  2. I think these are fabulous. Great job!
    Mysterious fabric coming home with you. like extra purple fleece always happens to me at Spotty sales

  3. Oh well done - I could never make anything for the kids because whilst I might be able to follow a pattern I just don't have the patience..

    and I feel your pain with the hideous motifs on boys clothing at KMart/Target

  4. You are amazing with your abilities, you continue to surprise me with what you can do!

    Now all you have to do is find a book called "Cobbler What?" and you are done and dusted! :)

  5. Stomper, you're amazing! And such a wonderful storyteller, too.

  6. Oh, and I feel the same about all the skulls, swords, dragons etc you find on boys' clothes at the chain stores - whenever I go in there to buy something I keep my fingers and toes crossed for at least one plain, or striped, option. Not always easy to find.

  7. okay, now you're starting to scare me...

  8. Great sewing - and I share your pain at the camouflage/skulls/destroyer motifs on chain store clothing.

    I keep my trouser destroyer in jeans (bought on sale at esprit because they're the only type that have elasticized waists for size 12 & 14) and the ones he grows/wears out becomes sources of patches for the next pairs. I have four pairs on the sewing table at the moment.

    God, I love his summer clothes. At least skin grows back.

  9. We have all boys and I know what you mean about going through clothing-geesh!

    Boys are so super rough on pants. I mend torn out knees, on pants, all the time. I love the pants you made! Super cute!

  10. Well Done you! They are fantastic. I love Basil, he looks gorgeous.
    And I would like to add my voice to the hideous clothing motifs! Yuk.

  11. Most excellent trousers Stomper!

  12. FLEECE PANTS. While I sit here freezing. Why do you torture me so?

    ... Actually, I think I could fit those. If they get pinched off your washing line, don't say you weren't warned. ;)

  13. Very clever girl! Is Cherub hoping for his own pair soon?

  14. Great job! I agree on the 'violent motifs' issue - it drives me positively bonkers. I've started sewing for my boys again, and it's so deeply satisfying to get what you want - even when it doesn't actually save any real money, because sweat-shop clothing is sold so cheaply.

  15. Fabulous job with those pants.

    A boy after two girls and I never had to patch a pair of girl trousers. I had trousers that managed to still be in great condition for the boy to wear too (nothing too girly). Many of his long pants have been cut into shorts as they were still ok apart from gaping holes in the knees!!

  16. Fantastic! Fleece pants are inspired...they'll be warm AND comfy.

    My youngest has constant clothing crises...I realised last weekend I haven't bought her any socks (other than school ones) since she was 3. She now almost....um...7.

    Ooops. No wonder none seem to fit, and most don't have matching pairs.

  17. I cannot believe that you can make pants!!!

    I am in awe of this as it just seems so beyond my capabilities. They look as good as anything that comes off a rack!

  18. In my experience the patches don't work anyway, as they grow a little bit taller so wear away the bit just below the patch.

    Well done. With the sewing.


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