Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Detention please, ladies & gentlemen

teen-age mu-tant nin-ja tur-tles
teen-age mu-tant nin-ja tur-tles
Here's my little boys digging my ipod with the Climber's song of the week.

Here's the Climber putting on a presentation for us ("Detention please, ladies and gentlemen") - a demo of a penalty shoot-out using lego soccer players.
Here's Mr Fixit enjoying the show.

And here is the Cherub trying to sabotage it.
This is me and my friend Mel enjoying some girl time away from our boys on a lunch-date.
Here is the Climber with the chicks that hatched in their classroom.

And here is some Climber school stuff : a journal presentation he made yesterday, constructing his own sentence and spelling. In case you are wondering what that last word is, look at the picture of the penguin and then say it out loud : "sgeing"*.

Too cute.


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