Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sk8er Bois

He was a sk8er boi. Available in small or large.

Here's one for all you in the "give that poor child a haircut" camp. I just want you to know there are supporters in the "his hair is lovely, don't cut it yet" camp too. At his request I have tied up his hair in a fountain so he can swing in comfort. Climber asked me why I made the Cherub look like a girl. People think he's a girl even if I don't put in the ponytail and dress him in navy blue Bob-the-Builder kit. I'm not bothered, he's still only 2.

From the local bakery, a "Twa-wah" biscuit. Our very good friend Chiara wears glasses so they've made special biscuits in her honour. Cherub was very pleased with it, he told everyone he walked past what he had. No-one understood what he meant.
And finally, I'm freaked out after hearing about horrific airline plots, especially as my Dad is flying to the US this weekend. But I've been quite interested in the different levels of security alert in various countries. The Brits have upgraded from "severe" to "critical", because they understand the subtleties of the wonderfully complex English language. The Americans are more visual, they've gone from orange to red, that way nobody gets confused (is critical worse than severe? get the dictionary...) Here in Australia we're on "medium" which makes me think we're too lazy to come up with subtle differentiations. Bugger it, we'll just have low, medium and high, that way no-one needs to think too hard. It's like the different reactions to terrorist attacks - the Brits got very stoic and sort of "we lived through the blitz, you can't crack us", the Spaniards walked out in the streets in a mass show of dignified grief and solidarity, but the Americans had a tele-thon with Hollywood stars answering the phone. I'm worried that our response would be a cricket game...

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Here is Mr Fixit washing the car.


  1. I think the cherubs hair is quite divine..... and as far as the cricket game goes , you may be right!

  2. Leave his hair!! Him and Lola can have dreds together...

  3. The ponytail makes his hair look very pretty. When he does eventually (before he goes to school) have it cut, make sure you save nice long locks, and keep it safe.


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