Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The family that cleans together ...

errr.... goes to the park together later? I know it looks a little like child slave labour, but they were really enjoying themselves.

I don't usually go shopping but the family went to Brunswick Street on the weekend for Sunday breakfast and as we were wandering up the strip, we found some $30 shoes. It's hard to say no to $30 shoes, right? I haven't spent money on non-dance shoes since I can't remember when, and I can't afford them this week, but here they are, the first pair of t-bars I've owned since childhood.

In line with tradition I give you the before and after on Mr Fixit's haircut (oh, the poor Cherub, still hasn't had his done..) but I warn you that both photos are a little frightening : we have either the boofhead or the Romper-stomper. Never mind, in a week, he'll be handsome again.

Our latest obsessions this week. Thanks to this blog I have had an earworm all night trying to remember the rest of this song. I love the Smiths but my cds were stolen from my house by a skanky ho who was a friend of the chick we shared with back in the house-sharing days. What kind of person comes to your house, drinks your tea & coffee, chats to you about how uni, work, blah-blah is, and then pockets your fave cds when your back is turned? She had good taste though, she took The Smiths, Billy Bragg, Bjork and some ones I hadn't even had time to listen to properly featuring divas like Ella and Doris. Scraggy, scraggy scrag.

On the upside, because of a bureaucratic stuff-up I finally had the readies to get myself a proper speaker for the beloved iPod and it came with a $50 credit at the iTunes store, so I have been able to download the rest of that song and kill the earworm. Also my latest song obsession which is on high rotation at home. I'm thinking it'll be getting a hammering at tap class tonight. The beaut thing about the Bose is that it charges the iPod while it plays, so you can watch all your videos without slaying the battery; the kids are loving this one.

Finally, I'm probably the last person in cyberspace to find this site, but its pretty funny. My best match was a tie between Piper Perabo (who?) and Hilary Swank (not!!). A tip though, there is no point putting in your kids' faces they all eventually match with Shirley Temple. I'm wondering if I should attempt to sit through Coyote Ugly? I heard it was pretty ordinary despite Adam Garcia, mmmm.


  1. oh you all looks so sad to be cleaning those tap boards! and nice shoes, very cute.

    If youd like The Smith back catalogue I have it, you can burn it/ipod it or something. Maybe use it as a warm down in class...??

    Also, Coyote Ugly is ace! I love Adam Garcia, he is hot.

    Also...have you seen the ad for a kids movie called 'Happy Feet' or something like that? an animated flick about a tap dancing penguin, the ad was so cute it brought tears to my eyes. So cute, he was dancing to Stevie Wonder.

  2. Hey sis. You are the second last person in cyberspace to find that site! I've never heard of it!!! but I did it, and HURRAH! My closest match was, dah da daaaahhhh, ELLE MACPHERSON!!! Hurrah! 75% match! Plus Geri Halliwell (73) and (hurrah hurrah) Keira Knightley (70), so that's my good feeling hit for the day.


    Great shoes! Ipod is sounding funkier and funkier by the moment!

    Coyote Ugly is one of the crappest films I have ever sat through, regardless of spunky Garcia, who was much sexier in Bootman anyone, so if you want a drool, stick to that. It was one of the WSChild's videos, truly CRAP!

  3. She took Billy Bragg? What the heck?! Despite his leanings, I don't think our mate Billy ever said anywhere that stealing is a good thing!!

  4. Too right! He did say capitalism is killing music but I never read that as an endorsement for depriving someone of their cds.
    She was a skank.


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