Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Special Visitor

A special visitor came to stay this weekend and has been keeping us busy and being very busy herself. Grandma arrived Saturday afternoon and since then has :
  • bonded with the grandsons via balls, lego, stories and lots of hair-brushing...
  • cooked up a couple of yummy meals for us.
  • whisked me off on a Sunday morning to the NGV for a much needed culture shot
  • taken me shopping (my kitchen has just been improved by some nice new crockery and a specky Zyliss potato peeler which looks almost too nice to use)
  • taken charge of the Cherub in the pool while I watched the Climber do his lesson (ps. after 2 lessons with Simon-the-wonder-teacher my 5 year-old can do a 25-metre length of the pool backstroke!)
  • weeded the front garden
  • spoiled the boys with presents including this lovely Pinocchio wear brought back from Grandma's latest jaunt to Italy and some Batman lego and a Thomas train
  • caught up with her numerous siblings, nieces & nephews
She's going home to Sydney tomorrow for a good rest, I think. Bye Mum, thanks for coming! We'll miss you.

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