Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Super-Weeder

I went out for my aerobics class yesterday ("Body Jam", it's so much fun!) so I was out of the house for 90 minutes, tops. While I was out, I think Mr Fixit must have popped a proton pill because I came home and he'd hung out a load of washing, done some father-son bonding via bike-riding practise and rescued the herb garden from the weed invasion that was choking it. He is an astonishingly good weeder, my Mr Fixit. I wish I'd known he was going to do it so I could have done a before-&-after photo. Have to make do with the after.

And here's the Climber on his bike: he has graduated up from the small two-wheeler to this one. The action shot looks a bit wobbly because his take-offs need a bit more work.

Climber has also graduated from Octopus to Salmon class in his swimming lessons. Well done him. So we are changing days to a Monday class. Yay! We can have Sunday mornings free. He's going to learn from Simon, this fantastic teacher that we had for his school holiday swim classes.

Two nieces, one is my very new step-niece Ella and the other is my niece Jessica who has NOT been sleeping and has therefore caused her poor mother to have a stupid car accident. Luckily no-one was hurt.


  1. omigod I totally luuurrrvvve body jam! Where do you do it on a sunday??? You are way to good for bodyjam though - do you just want to take the class????? I do it on thursday nights - closest thing I will ever get to being in a Beyonce filmclip.

  2. Nice to see my stupid car accident has made it into the official blogger annals!


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