Thursday, August 31, 2006

La Bamba

para bailar la bamba
se necesita una poca de gracia
ay arriba y arriba
(in order to dance the bamba a little bit of grace is needed)

Here's my Cherub and some stills from a gorgeous video of him shaking his groove thang to La Bamba. I wish I had the tech savvy to post the movie. Take my (completely impartial) word for it, he's got the moves. I can't get the kid to join in at tap class but the improvised footwork on display at home this morning was most impressive. And in case you've always wanted to know what the bloody hell you are singing along to (my mondegreen of choice has always been badabada la bamba), there are several helpful sites, I chose this one.

As has already been implied on this blog, I don't really enjoy cooking, particularly since the birth of the sons when it suddenly became solely my job. I don't get excited about recipes, I rarely taste as I go along (in case its awful) and I'm prone to accidents of the blackened food variety or the small kitchen fire variety. It's hard to pay attention to something you really don't like doing that much. The thought of having people over for dinner and whipping up a delicious feast for them fills me with horror. Having said that, I'm mostly a competent cook and have a small but dependable repertoire to feed the family with. But can you believe it, the mechanics at Fixit's work think I'm a culinary whiz. This is apparently due to the delectable smells issuing from his lunch box as he reheats last-night's-leftovers. One of them actually came sniffing over to Fixit yesterday and enquired how much I'd charge to provide similar for other hungry mechanics. Fixit quoted about $3.50 ... I said at least a thousand bucks because I hate cooking so much, after I picked up my jawbone from the floor. Makes me wonder what sort of crappy diet those poor fellas are living on if my cooking is smelling so good. Everything is relative, innit.

PS. If its cakes, biscuits, slices or desserts you're after, I'm your girl.

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  1. Oh my son loves La Bamba - the Playschool version. Aren't they cute when they just dance around full of life and happiness?

    I laughed at your 'thousand bucks' comment. Sounds like me! However, I can do the savoury, but not really the sweet stuff unless it's Bill Grainger's biscuits which are legendary!


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