Thursday, August 03, 2006

I hate to housekeep

Here's one for all you domestic goddesses out there: What happens when you hit a wall with your housework? When something in your brain snaps and you think I am so bored with doing this that I just can't face it, and what's the point anyway because the place will get trashed again within 24 hours? Here's what I reckon. If you can afford it, you pay someone else to come and take care of it and if you can't (like me) you let it go for as long as you can bear whilst dealing with all the "I can't invite anyone over because the house is a tip" and "so this is why women go back to work" thoughts and the cumulative grumpiness that comes with not being able to find anything. Just once, I'd like to walk into my house, pin-neat and sparkling clean, and know it wasn't me that did it. It's not like Mr. Fixit doesn't put in, I hasten to add. Its a rare day that he doesn't do the dishes. And I bet he feels the same about mowing the lawn. I think we need servants. Oh wait, you have to pay them, don't you? Maybe slaves, then.

Listen to me, whining on. Why don't I just get it over with and then its done for another week?

Naah, its nearly school pick-up time. I'm calling dinner-making and chinese-laundry-management my domestic achievements for the day.

Here's Bob the Builder, I mean the Cherub in another silly hat.

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  1. Hey sis

    Well said! My excuse is that I am too creative to clean, and have better things to do, like working with photographs. And yes, alas and woe, despite best efforts, kids and man about the house usually manage to foil all my hard work in about 2 hours flat! I grudgingly folder up about 3 loads of washing last night before dinner, after a full day of work (extra tiring due to driving stupid hilux), no wonder I fell asleep in front of lovely warm gas heater (v. cold in Canberra). I'd rather ride my horse, which i plan on doing tomorrow!


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