Friday, August 04, 2006

No, that's smelly

Cherub crazy-boy behaviour tendency for this week : when asked a question such as "are you my gorgeous boy?" he puts on a silly voice (kind of raspy and raucous) and answers said question with the phrase "no, that's smelly." Hilarious. Well it is pretty funny actually, just not very logical. But he loves to crack a joke does the Cherub. Here's him doing his first ever dress-up, following the lead of the bigger boys. He was very pleased with himself in the Buzz Lightyear suit, he kept posing on one leg and then running round the house hitching up the pants.

The Climber has had three playdates this week, all very good. We've had Robbie (playing in the park), Gabriel (forgot to take photos) and Superman, I mean James.
From a discussion last night that began with Susan's blonde highlights and riffed on to general beauty maintenance and upkeep came a good line from one of my tap students to her husband -that she was expensive to run. I've been reviewing my own pattern (haircut maybe twice a year, most hair removal, tanning and tinting performed by self, make-up and hair product purchases limited to shampoo & conditioner plus a new mascara every year and an SPF moisturiser) and now I suspect I might be a Black-and-Gold / Generic / Home-brand girlfriend. Or at best a Toyota Corolla when I might aspire to being a Mercedes. Could be worse, I suppose. Could be a clapped-out Kombi. Or public transport...

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  1. think we should all aspire to being expensive to run sis. time you had a treat, and go and get that hair cut! I just had mine done, hurrah, with a colour, AFTER stupid car accident! Luckily have ace hairdresser who stayed back after closing to finish my hair. Everyone was v. nice to me, even taxi driver who I hit! V. Sad, lovely car (Dan - named by Climber and Cherub's cousin Heath - after Engy Benjie's Dan the Van) is currently in being fixed, so am relegated to driving rotten old Hilux that has doors that stick, windows that won't wind down, no power steering, and is not at all sporty. V. sad! Only till Friday though, hurrah!


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