Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tonight I Really Excelled Myself.

Well, its lucky I sat down to write this blog about what a scatter-brained cook I am, because it made me suddenly remember that the large batch of bolognese sauce was still cooking away on the gas stove and I was able to turn it off before either the whole batch was ruined or I burned down the house overnight...

Here are some pictures of tonight's effort.
Fig. 1 the burnt potholder which despite icky food bits and charred edges was once a rather lovely Asian silk one, bought lovingly for me by my mother.

Fig. 2 the burnt water used for steaming tonight's veg complete with stained water spatterings on the cooktop caused when I topped the blackened saucepan up with more water to continue the steaming process - turns out I used a bit too much water this time so all that blackened pumpkin water went all over the stove and also up through the steamer on to the veg which you see as Fig.3.

Mr Fixit said the veg were delicious but is mystified about how I keep managing to burn water.

Other domestic bits and pieces. Here is the first (and I hope not the only) flower from the Climber's school bulb fundraiser.

And here is a mug from Mr Fixit's boyhood, because we had exactly the same one at our house when I was growing up.

Lastly, the Climber and the Cherub clutching their loot from Grandma's visit. The Cherub has Thomas the Tank Engine, the Jet Engine (which lights up and makes noise) and a Fuel Truck. He has been carrying all 3 items around everywhere and refers to them with a slightly french accent: "I dot a zhet enzhen". The Climber has Batman Lego.
They're both so happy.

Off to watch tv now, Spicks & Specks and Extras while we tape House, then the divine Hugh Laurie, sans commercials. Where's my cuppa?


  1. Maybe there was something in the wind...? I made a very uninspiring, un-gourmet eggs on toast for dinner and then sat on the couch. Very sad. Didnt burn water though.

    You win.

  2. we had overroasted chicken dinner last night!


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