Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Some were sleeping.

One thing about being a parent helper in the classroom is you get to see how your child fits in with the other kids, and if you are at all competitive you can easily fall into performance anxiety mode. Which is ridiculous. The kid is 5! But anyway, today the Climber is working on sentences involving the activities of the koalas at the zoo, and his group gets to read aloud their sentences at the end. And all the other kids in that group had multiple sentences, one kid had managed six! And neurotic-mother-me starts feeling a tad anxious about the fact that the Climber only did one sentence : "Some were sleeping." So naturally I'm berating myself for even thinking of allowing evil competitive thoughts to poison this moment and then I remembered that he is my little artist boy (which I adore about him). And none of the other kids had illustrated their sentences like he had. So I stopped being neurotic. I know I'm not supposed to be like this. But I think most of us are secretly.

This is him hanging with some of his homies from 'da hood. I love this pic. He's got his arm around his girlfriend Halle.

Here's a shot of Liam from here.

Last thought for the day. Would you freak out if you turned up for your first ever adult tap class and the teacher was wearing leg-warmers? I'm going to see if my (ha-ha) street cred is good enough to get away with this. I'll keep you posted.
PS. It is actually really difficult to take a photo of your own legs. I wish I'd dusted that mirror first.


  1. Only you could maybe pull those leg warmers off...maybe...if you wear a side ponytail...

  2. Don't worry, am starting to get anxious 'is he doing alright' thoughts myself at preschool, but my neurotic thoughts are usually 'will one of the other kids pick him'. Heath spelt out his name last night for me when we typed it on the computer, which made my heart burst with pride and joy! Like watching him trot for the first time on the horse. He saw another boy (who's 6) cantering on his horse in the arena when we rode, and instantly started saying he wants to canter too. We'll work on the trot more first. He'll be flat out getting my big lug of a mare to canter though, the big slackhead.


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