Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In The Doghouse

No, this is not what we do with our kids when they misbehave! It's obviously just irresistible when you're still this size. First he sat on on top, but it wasn't long before he was checking out the interior decoration. If they are out of line our kids get sent to the Naughty Room, which is essentially some time out in the boring coat-and-shoe room near the back door. Because he is nearly 3, the Cherub is seeing a fair bit of the Naughty Room. What's funny is how happy he gets on the very rare occasions that his big brother ends up in there. He insists on being the one to close the door on the Climber with a funny mixture of bossiness and excitement. Talk about rubbing the poor Climber's nose in it...

Here's some pics from the Family Lunch at the weekend, we wished Mr Fixit's brother (Mr Can't-Fix-It, according to his missus) a happy birthday in the usual way, lots of kiddie spit on the cake icing. We got him an autograph from Collingwood FC's Rocca, who rides a motorbike and came in for repairs to Mr Fixit's work recently. Mr Fixit reckons the workshop went as quiet as it does when a chick walks in. Also a Magpie's stamp booklet, courtesy of Mr Quiet, our contact at Australia Post. The Fixit family quite like their stamps and coins, I've noticed! So I think we did well on the present front.

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