Tuesday, July 25, 2006

15 Little Pigs & 7 Wolves

Matinee performance today of the Prep - Grade 2 Concert. Marks out of 10 for cuteness : 1 million and 3! The theme of the show was Fairy Tales and our class performed the Three Little Pigs. The Climber was a wolf and you should have seen him huff and puff. He's the one with the spotted legs.
I am bursting with pride, he put his heart into the performance. I've been assisting with the choreography so I'd seen it a couple of times, and it was terrific to see how many of the kids rose to the occasion in front of the audience, even those ones that had stood around in rehearsals looking totally bored or bewildered. I do think, and I'm being absolutely impartial here, that our class was the best. And probably just as well that no Hollywood agents were scouting there today or they just might have stolen the Climber away from us for ever...

Grandma and Pa came today, and they were very proud. Pa has captured the action on video. I tried to take some still shots for here but not with much success. Mr Fixit will have to have a go when he goes to the evening performance later this week.

Here's the Climber greeting his fans at the stage door afterwards. Well done sweetheart. You were fantastic!!!


  1. Grandpa has checked the video and will burn a DVD ASAP.

  2. How Divine - I bet he was a star!! What a proud Mum you must be.


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