Friday, July 28, 2006

You can lead a horse to water.

Last night was the evening performance of the Climber's show. I couldn't go, I had to teach the 3 students who made the effort to turn up to class last night. So I charged the battery, I emptied the memory chip, I gave him instructions, I gave Mr Fixit the camera and I texted him as a reminder. "Take millions of photos" I told him "because I'm sad I can't be there."

He took six photos. Allright, and he took some video footage so I did get to see the medley of Italian songs and see the Climber forget to do any actions for the first half. And I suppose as proud father, he needed to watch and enjoy too. But six photos....

Haircut yesterday.
Here's the before and after.

What's that you say? You think the other kid needed the haircut?

Go have a look at some art-books I say. Can you see any cherubs with short hair? I think he looks beautiful with those curling blond tresses. I won't cut them. Not quite yet anyway.

Comparison #2

The Climber, almost 1, can't even walk but able to climb onto the couch, up to the top of the couch, onto the window sill and stand up to wave at our neighbours
The Cherub, almost 3, who still can't get out of his cot.
I swear, if they didn't have the same chin you'd have to start wondering.

... don't worry, Cherub, next in the comparison series will be baldness.


  1. Thank god he cant get out of the cot! Love Love Luurrve his hair so I hear you sister - do not cut!

  2. I really like climber with LONGER hair. Who needs short back and sides?

  3. I reckon i'll be doing lots of 'comparison' posts too. Poor 2nd child - always being compared ;P

    Lookit Climber's head - reminds me of MC's boofa profile. No wonder birthing monsters like that is somewhat ouchie, to say the least...


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