Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Exploding Boy and his softer side

This is what the Climber made when we got home from school today : it's a fairy trap. They fly over and land on one of the planks and then walk their way down to the water where there are beautiful shiny crystals to tempt them into the water. Most of the time I think of him as the Exploding Boy : he has this (I suspect innate) ability to produce an astonishing array of explosion noises (with his mouth I mean, this is not a fart blog) and he can make them for entire car trips some days. And its all to do with some supersonic game involving pirates, knights, Star Wars or all 3 and quite intense. And then he comes home and just makes something whimsical like this. Five is a nice age!

He told me that Jessica kissed him yesterday. Jessica denied this in front of her mother this afternoon but I reckon its true. Actually Halle is his girlfriend. He was in tears last week because she'd told him she was leaving school forever to move to another country. Turns out her parents have bought a block of land in the country for weekend retreats. Halle got a bit confused. I need a photo of Halle and Jake. She is just beautiful. They sit together in class and tickle each other under the chin.

The Cherub joined in with our dinner conversation last night. We were discussing our day and he chimed in with an unprompted anecdote about his day at creche. This is new. He can answer questions like who he played with and who changed his nappies etc. But he came up with a story about his day, involving Diarmaid, a black train, being sad and the saying of thankyou. Not sure of the exact details, but there was an incident along those lines. He's growing up, my baby.

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