Sunday, July 30, 2006

Timber Lee

Last week we had to get a babysitter in to cover the evening performance of the Climber's show, so we asked one of the girls from the Cherub's creche. What a smash hit she turned out to be. The Cherub was wreathed in pleased smiles from the moment she came in, and apparently behaved like an absolute angel all evening. The next morning he went searching through the house to find her and was undeniably disappointed to find she'd gone home in the night. But he told us all about it : "Timberley wash hair" and "Timberley milk and stories" etc. Then as we collected the Climber from school that afternoon, the Cherub suggested that Mr Fixit and myself night like to go out again that night. Couldn't ask for a better baby-sitting experience. She even left us most of the tim-tams.
By the way, that's not a Moe name, just the Cherub's version. He can't say his "K's" yet.

There is a reason we only own one set of patterned towels.
His name is Mr. Fixit.

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