Friday, July 21, 2006

Play Date

Two crying boys in the bath last night whilst I was at tap. The Climber was told to stop harrassing his little brother and when he asked what harrassing meant Mr Fixit gave him a demonstration which involved tickling. This made the Climber start sobbing and this caused the Cherub to start wailing in sympathy. Mr Fixit cuddled them both and tried not to let them see him laughing at them. We think the Climber is now clear on the meaning of 'harrassing' ...

I have realised that the poor little Cherub hardly ever gets to hang out with his friends, outside of creche. He's just reached quite a sociable age, where you need someone with whom to do things. Generally we hang out with Mother's Group, which comprises the Climber's friends and my friends. The Cherub has a great time there but he hasn't a special friend in that set because all the second and third kids are spaced at different intervals. So we've just started organising little play-dates with Hemi-from-creche on a Friday. They have so much fun. They play these crazy games, like "falling down" or "running" or "squealing". I also love how excited the Cherub gets in the lead-up to the playdate. We tell him the night before and he'll discuss exactly when it will happen : "not now .. after tornflakes ... go stool [school] first Hemi park". What's more, we can keep him on track all morning with lots of "get dressed so we can play with Hemi in the park" type cajolery.
PS. On a strange-but-true note, the Cherub's great-grandmother and Hemi's great-great aunt were best friends.

Saw this establishment on the way home from Hemi's house. I know quite a few sulky experts myself.

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