Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The bad idea repository

The Climber would like to know: Inside your head, in the room where your brain is, does your brain write messages and then if it's a bad idea, does it just get put somewhere and you can never find it again?

I'm pretty sure that is how it works.

I was doing my volunteer admin stuff at the Cherub's creche this morning. Usually I hide, just in case the sight of me causes the Cherub to throw a sooky. Today I unwittingly came face to face with him and got ordered back into the office to work. He needed to play now, he told me.

Comparison time.
Climber vs Cherub aged nearly 3


  1. Youre a good mother volunteering at the creche! I walk into Lola's head down, making no eye contact and then attempt to shake her off my leg for a quick getaway.

    Hey am I your first commenter?

  2. You were much keener on haircuts way back then, Hey!

  3. oh, lookit those bubbies !!!

    Lookit Climber !!

    ooooooh, i'm melting !! :)


    I don't know why Climber's b'day made me want to explore your first posts in blogging, but it did, so now i'm having a perve at your first month of blogging :p


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