Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I don't know about Art but I know what I like ...

I thought I'd better put a photo of the birthday tea-towel that Mr Fixit gave me this year. It's okay, I was happy to have a tea-towel as a birthday present! Only because its a Judy Horacek one and I love her stuff. Don't bother with flowery ones of garden herbs etc. I need to put this photo up in case I accidentally set fire to the tea-towel. See, I'm not the greatest cook and I have a tendency to wander off - sometimes mentally, sometimes physically (usually because the boys need attention) and a few things that were left a bit close to the gas ring have caught fire. But I'm still a good mother.

Here are a few examples of the Climber's budding artistic talent, for posterity. I love the way the Climber needs to express himself visually. If something has made a big impression on his psyche, he reaches for the art set. Generally speaking I would describe his style as minimalist but he is certainly capable of more complex drawings when a multi-faceted idea presents itself. On the whole though, if he wants to express the concept of say "Batman" then Batman is what you get, no need to bugger it up with grass, trees and flowers in the background. Likewise with "a Skull"

Princess Pearl was a very beautiful entertainer at the Zoo Christmas Party who dazzled the Climber by putting glitter on him. She had lovely glittery pink eyelids and long blonde hair. The Climber puts very precise arrows on his artwork so you know exactly who or what the protagonists are. He was still 4 when he drew this one.

Finally, here is one of his more complex works, based on a CD-rom game of Treasure Island. The CD-rom comes with a real pirate-accent narration which the Climber unconsciously imitates when re-enacting it away from the computer. So "mutiny" is called "myoot-nay". Ahoy there.

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