Monday, July 17, 2006

Our House ... In the Middle of Our Street

I'm thinking times have really changed when a wet weather activity for your 2-year old is playing on the computer! The Climber is already very good with his computer skills; I think quite impressive for a five-year-old, but the Cherub knocks me out. He & his brother play this great game called "Lego Loco" which is basically little boy heaven - a combination of trains and lego. And the Cherub can build simple tracks and make the trains come out. I don't think it makes you a geek these days if you know your way round a computer? I might hold off on buying them some them some little train-spotter anoraks for now.
PS. The Cherub does not like to be interrupted whilst playing "pooter". He told Mr Fixit to "go 'way, go do paper" and I was dismissed the day before with a "you go 'way, go took [cook] dinner."

While the boys played I whipped up a yummy lemon tart! I'm eating some as I type ... it's good!

Made with lemons from our tree, the first fruit from it since we moved in 3 years ago.

Our house is allright I suppose except for 3 things :
  • The location. I suppose its not the house's fault it doesn't live in our preferred suburb but that is it's main problem because Mr Fixit and I would still really like to live down thataway. And a lot of the time I act like I still do.
  • The landlords. They live 2 doors down from us and nobody else in the street likes them either, its not just us. They announced they wanted a rent increase 3 days before Christmas And Mr. Landlord is smelly. I'm not just saying that to be mean - he actually does smell bad and it makes Mr Fixit feel ill when Mr. Landlord comes over to a do a Dodgy Brothers repair job, which half the time involves Mr Fixit's tools and Mr Fixit's labour.
  • The bathroom. It's poky, the tiling job is terrible but the worst thing is the tiny bath. The Cherub is the only one who can lie down flat in it now and that is not going to last much longer. I love baths. So I've given them up while we live here because I feel insulted sitting up in a bath. Bathing should involve lying down without huge areas of flesh being exposed to the air (unless you're pregnant). And if that makes me a spoiled 21st century princess, well that's just tough!

  • One thing that makes our house very nice though is the beautiful original artwork adorning the walls. The Climber is quite the visual artist and we are getting a lovely collection. I need to hurry up and buy the laminator so I can preserve some of it properly. But here's a peek in the meantime.

    Happy Birthday to Lachie-P!

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