Monday, July 31, 2006

Blogworld and Craftland

Just when I'm right in the swing of this new blogging addiction (which can I just say is very addictive), I had to call a halt for almost the whole weekend, because the bread and butter website needed its monthly update. From this weekend's tap class I got some really cute new kid-tap photos, which I've put up on this page and some on this page too. I also like this one.
So now I'm living in Blogworld and have found people I know here and there, its like I've also found Craftland at the same time. Who knew there were so many people out there making all this great stuff? The closest I usually go to Craftland is helping the Climber with making 5-year-old stuff and the odd very amateur handmade birthday card for a family member, mostly featuring artwork by the Climber. And because I am unable to sew, paint, knit, macrame, crochet and so on, I'm pretty sure I'll just stay here admiring from the sidelines. (I do make stuff, but they are tap-dances and not easy to show on a blog. Besides, what if the notorious copy-cat clown came here and found dances? Go here and read Dr Lottie's Health Corner for July if you want to know what I'm talking about) But if you want to look more, go to these sites and then lose a day or so just jumping round the links. It's fun. Don't worry about the housework or the dinner, I'm sure if you leave it long enough someone else will do it...

However, I am going to show you a bit of Stomper-girl craft effort, because I've just sent a present off to my step-sister who's had her first baby. I will warn you that most of the actual crafting was in fact done by a friend of mine. We did a craft-barter though, her needlecraft in exchange for a tap lesson. It's a sleeved bib, some proper protection for your baby.

But see the card and the little explanatory tag? I made them. I know, pretty cool...

And Jen, I am sorry my part in all this featured so prominently, but you will just have to hurry up and get going with your blog.

Hmm, have to apologise to the grandparents, it's all about me today, not much kid action at all. So here's the Climber with his mate Robbie, posing with a glow-in-the-dark footy and here's the Cherub being a dag, again.

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  1. Its freaky, you will know more bloggers than you think. Ive come across 2 chics from uni and friends of friends....its a small, small world..errr internet.

    Love that LLous article. Can she get sued for that??
    Im sure she's being watched like a hawk from drag queen...oh, I mean most original choreographer in the faux-tap world.


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