Monday, July 24, 2006


Some different sides of the Cherub for you today. Firstly, the rockstar. Note that as soon as he picked up the "ditar" he started bossing me round : firstly to dance while he played and then to sing Tinkle Tinkle, followed by Blah Blah Black Sheep. He must have learned the guitar moves from a clever creche person, he had the styling just right, even tuned it at one stage. Next the fashionista. I predict that all shoulder bags will be worn this way next season. And finally the Joker. It's not just the fact that he doesn't mind dressing up in a stupid hat, he also has this crazy sense of humour and loves to make us laugh.
I was trying to explain to the Climber what "focus" meant so I thought I'd demonstrate with the digital camera. This shot was taken with me shaking the camera up and down. How good's the auto-focus?!

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