Thursday, July 20, 2006

And this is why we call him Mr Fixit

Preparing to cross the road with the Cherub this morning, I get him to push the pedestrian light button. The little red light on the button doesn't come on. The Cherub is a bit worried by this. I say soothingly "yes, light is broken." He looks up at me with the baby-blues in all seriousness and tells me "Daddy fix it."

Actually he really said Mr Fixit's name, not Daddy (our kids mostly call us by our names, not our job descriptions. Except when v. sad. Then they call for a Mummy-cuddle or a Daddy-cuddle) But I'm not naming names on the blog. It seems to be the done thing. I'm not quite sure why. Mr Fixit was a little bit paranoid about a family blog. He's not altogether happy when I buy stuff over the net. It's probably good to be that cautious (his middle name) but hey, sometimes you can't get the stuff any other way.

Now really, I positively must get off the computer and hang out washing while the sun shines. Like now. No, I mean it, now ... step away from the computer ma'am or you'll be under arrest.

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