Saturday, December 11, 2010

Advent Activities Day 11 and a bit of 9 too.

The boys' Advent Activity today was an easy one: write some Christmas cards to give to their friends at school. They selected four friends each to receive cards.


The inscribing took place straight after breakfast and the cards are now safely stowed in their schoolbags.


This left them free to pursue leisure activities of choice once this morning's cricket/tap exertions were over.


I'm pretty sure I scheduled this activity for a Saturday with the intention of giving myself time to sit down and write my cards, (I need to do lots more than 4) but owing to all the help I had to give the boys at the time, I was a bit behind on the Advent Activity from two days ago (sew a felt ornament). And because I'd ended up making mine far fancier than I'd first conceived, it took me until the end of today to finish it.  But still: voila!  Felt Christmas Tree with crocheted tinsel and beaded ballballs baubles.


I took it with me to work on when I visited my friend who is having chemo, and she requested one for herself.  I just hope having made the prototype, I'll be able to whip the next one up in less time.

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  1. Very nice, but (reading back a bit) I can't get my head round people wearing shorts at Christmas. I realise that for you, that's quite appropriate but for us it's... very very strange.

    It's still cold here, though thawing.

    My verification word is pygozymp in funny writing. Quite hard to type.


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