Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today's Advent Activity was the only one to have been greeted with fists-punched-in-the-air enthusiasm: Play A Game of Backyard Cricket.


It was also the only Advent Activity to have ended with both children in tears.  A combination of starting too late in the day (Mister Fixit's illness required a chest x-ray which hijacked the afternoon; he's on antibiotics now and a follow up x-ray next week) and the fact that Climber is now so passionate about cricket that he was unable to cope when his visions of backyard excellence went ever-so-slightly pear-shaped.  The upshot of which was that Cherub took a ball to the face that had been bowled in anger and the game ended very abruptly indeed.


  1. Oh dear. Poor Fixit, and poor boys, and poor you! Fixit is rather delicate at times, poor love.
    Get well soon, so you can indulge in Christmas fare.
    I always did think that cricket balls are nasty vicious things.
    Maybe I should find a Midnight Mass to go to, pray for everyone and shock all and sundry.

  2. You see, this is why I don't play sport/games, they always end in tears or shouting.
    Poor Fixit, rotten luck just before the seasonal festivities!

  3. Gee, just as you've painted a picture when I think your boys are angels I now know that yours are like mine. And the kids across the streets.

    Get better Mr. Fixit.

  4. That's actually v. funny in hindsight. Our backyard games frequently end in tears! I think we are all coming down with something just in time for Christmas too, so hope antibiotics kick in nice and quickly. Tom and my Christmas Eve tasks have been thrown into disarray by the witch, yet again, who phoned him last night to say 'come and get them'. They were unsupervised all day yesterday, no lunch, and apparently Talon got himself and little Korben brekky. Bitch!!!!! So I have little buggalugs today to come along collecting turkeys, etc!

  5. Oh dear. Best laid plans and all that.

  6. oh dear oh dear.......
    hope everyone is better for tomorrow.


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