Friday, December 17, 2010

Bad Guts

First, it was the last day of school, then as soon as the bell rang for hometime (at 1.30) there were two parties - Climber went off to a birthday party for one of his classmates, and Cherub and I went to the park for his class' End-of-Year get-together.  Then it was home to pick up Fixit and some stuff, then off to the Tap Hall, via Supermarket and pizzeria, to set everything up for tomorrow's Kids' Classes Tap Concert/Party.  In between that I've been wrapping & posting the interstate presents, and madly organising bits and pieces for tomorrow, like playlists for the iPod and cheat-sheets in case I suddenly can't remember the next step in the middle of O Christmas Tree.

But finally, after all that, we got to do the Advent Activity for Day 17.


Take the whole family out for gelati.


Oh, except me.  I mean, I was there but I wasn't having gelati owing to a stupid low-grade stomach bug, which frankly, would have been far more convenient if it had waited a week to strike.  Because bad guts or no, I've had to battle through the Christmas shopping (all done! yay) and the last week of tap and school and what I'm really looking forward to next week is a good lie down.

And speaking of bad guts, I was so busy showing you my handicrafts yesterday that I forgot to tell you that the kids had their grade parties at school on Wednesday and Climber pretty much poisoned himself on excess sugar consumption so he woke up minutes after I published that little blog about my Tap Party and proceeded to throw up. Mostly in the bucket but we still needed to change the sheets on the top bunk and that, my friends, is a pain in the butt at the best of times, let alone late at night/ after a stinky vomit/ after a wine or two.


  1. Look at that charming, smiling face. You know he didn't mean it.

  2. I do. Doesn't make the vomit any nicer to clean up though. Or doesn't make the vomit any nicer for Fixit to clean up, I should say.

  3. Before we sorted out the 'girls' room, the eldest and the middle shared a bunk. Every night when I said goodnight to them, I considered a traumatic spewy scenario, whereby the eldest (sleeping on top) came over vomity and leaned over and helped by some weird crosswind, woke the middle by puking on his head.

    I bloody hate changing the sheets of the top bunk.

  4. know how you said "interstate presents"...I'm only bringing it up because....well because I live interstate....are you sending me something for Christmas?...are ya? What is it? :)

  5. Oh. I'm sure "vomit in your top bunk" was not one of the Advent Activities!


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