Thursday, December 02, 2010

Paper Chain

xmas paper chain5404

In further news of good blogging people and the ipod dilemma,  I received some lovely eclectic mp3 help from Jac at six impossible things which I am enjoying no end.  I also had an email from Kate at Inner City Garden which said her Bloke was wondering if I'd tried the Auxiliary function on the new stereo and of course once I read it I thought oh yeah! and wondered why I hadn't thought of that. I think the USB port confused me. My brother, being quite the IT man, also emailed me to suggest the same thing. So now I have ipod in the car again, which is much much better for drowning out any annoying boy noises from the back seat, like explosion sound-effects, incomprehensible and silly brother jokes that go on and on, or the occasional snipe at each other. It also means I quite often get to hear them singing along to songs they like, which is one of my very favourite things.


Also, my knee is still massively bruised, but it seems to be all show and no punch (ie spectacular colour but no pain unless you press it) and I've happily tapped on it all week.  Picture here if you like.


  1. Gorgeous chain! Might just pinch your idea there...

  2. I appreciate "eclectic". Has a much better ring to it than "tragic".


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