Thursday, December 09, 2010

Sewing and Reading.


I was rather hoping to present finished objets for today's Advent Activity task, but as I sit here at 11 o' something trying to sort out snarls in the embroidery floss (whilst also playing Shula at Scrabble, and comforting the Cherub who woke in fright from the big thunderstorm), I am admitting defeat and submitting instead the Works In Progress.  Climber's red bauble* is done. You know, unless he decides to try a few further embellishments, but seeing as that child is a minimalist, my money is on finished.   Cherub's tree needs the red hanging loop which hasn't been fully crocheted yet due to aforementioned stupid knots that won't come out.  And my purple Christmas tree is waiting patiently for my full attention, but I have high hopes for it!

*Referred to as ballballs around here, please don't anyone correct him.

In other news, Climber just finished Book 7 in the Harry Potter books, and bore up quite well to the devastation therein.  Two parts made him cry, (Dobby & Fred) but not so much that he didn't soldier on.  Whereas when we got to the end of Book 6 (a while ago now), his devastation at losing Dumbledore was such that he lost all interest in reading Book 7.  I think the fact that the Deathly Hallows Part 1 movie has just come out spurred him on.  Now I have to think about whether to take him with me when I go to watch it...


  1. My 13 yo came out of that movie looking as white as a ghost and said, "That film is pure darkness. There is just no light in it AT ALL." Kinda put me off seeing it.

  2. Your boys are so beautiful.

    I'm waiting for the DVD version of the HP movie, then I can wander the house in moments of tension. You're trapped at the cinema...

  3. I'm with Fairlie. My 13 year old loved it (as did I), but even he was borderline - very dark themes of torture, murder etc. Not one for young or sensitive kids.


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