Sunday, December 05, 2010

Posting the Santa Letters

Having the advent activity box is making me feel very organised this Christmas, I must say.  Although, shh, it's early days yet, plenty of time for me to fall off my I'm-so-organised Pedestal.  But anyway. Letters to Santa written and posted as of today, which means plenty of time to receive a reply from the North Pole.

We had a very lovely morning in the city with Jen's mob, who are also being Very Organised.

Can't go anywhere without a little climb first, natch.  Jenny has a lovely magnolia just perfect for this.

magnolia climbing 1587

Then it was off to catch the tram; as we walked to the tram-stop the kids played bum-tiggy, that's where you can only get ... erm.. is tigged the right word? Anyway, it's like tiggy/chasey/catchy but if you are it, you can only make someone else it by hitting them on their bum.  Lots of backing into walls / trees or holding your hands over your behind in this game.

waiting for the tram 1588

First stop Santa's special Letter Box in City Square.

climber 1591 cherub 1589

Then time to have a long play at the water wall.  While they were mucking around there, Cherub slipped and fell on his butt, much to the delight of a passing elderly-ish tourist who pointed and laughed loudly at him.  He didn't think much of that at all and came over to complain to me about it.  Just as I was murmuring don't worry sweetie I think she's a bit crazy, she validated this statement by whooping loudly and splashing around in the water wall herself.  She was having a great time in Melbourne!

water wall 1594

We had lunch in a food court, then caught the tram home.  The trip was enlivened by the kids doing a bit of tap on the tram (I think the other commuters were quite interested in this) and then by Climber succumbing to his innate urges.

tram chin-ups 1596

Wouldn't you like some of that upper-body strength?


  1. I love that photo of the tree-climbing - and that sounds like a mighty fine day out! Wonder if we have a dedicated Santa postbox in Sydney?? Am off to Google just that...

  2. God yes ! I'm lucky to lift a cake let alone myself...hmmm the cake may be the problem.
    You know I'm loving watching your Christmas preparations. My kids are so big and there is no magic left at my house...
    I'm vicariously enjoying yours. What is purple puss getting for christmas?

  3. Oh I'm just in time!
    I was thinking of your giant Santa mail box and here it is.
    I think your advent calendar is brilliant, and I hope your knee is well enough that I can say, I was stifling my laughter about your spying splat so as not to wake the rest of the house. What a visual. ( but I do hope you're o.k. - that had to have hurt!)

  4. I'd be done in every time on the tiggy-bum game...with an arse the size of mine, it kind of comes to you, rather than the other way around.

  5. Oooo! I see bum-tiggy in our future.

  6. Aunty made made laugh out loud. I'd be in the same boat.

    I'd love you (and those gorgeous boys) to take me on a tour of your city).


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