Sunday, December 12, 2010

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

We've been waiting for this day since the Advent Activities began...

Of course, they're much messier, and pine needles are the pits to vacuum out of your carpet, but in our house, you just can't beat the smell of a real tree for Christmas.  We buy ours from the same bloke every year, and he always gives us about 5 free seedlings as well.  Last year they perished in the heat waiting for Fixit to plant them but this year we put them straight in and so now we hope to grow some tomatoes, basil and eggplants.


Notice the very neat front yard?  Fixit donned his Super-Gardener Cape this weekend and dealt with the knee high weeds and grass that were threatening to swallow our house.  Thank goodness.  Can't really stamp your feet about the big rent hike when your house looks feral and your landlords live 2 doors up.


Because we are complete Christmas dags in this house, we actually did put Christmas music on whilst we decorated.  Cherub and I had an impromptu tap rehearsal too, his class will be dancing to the Harry Connick Jr. version of It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas and he really enjoys the routine for that.

For the record, it was Cherub's turn to put the star on top this year.  Climber remembered that he did it last year and sorted it all out for me, no fights no whinging no nothing.


Here's Cherub being Wudolph the Wed-Nosed Weindeer.


  1. By next year Climber will be as tall as that tree! Look at him.

  2. Oh gorgeous! I love the smell of real Christmas tree.

  3. I love the smell of a freshly cut pine tree on a 40 degree day in summer. That to me IS christmas!
    I don't have one and I really miss it.
    PS Wudolph is vewy cute!

  4. Yes, look how tall they are getting!

    Please tell me that's a really short tree, otherwise I will be convinced they are growing too fast!

  5. The tree is not very tall and I think the angle is making Climber look more gigantic. But he is getting quite tall (nearly up to my shoulder) and his feet are virtually the same size as mine!

  6. We always have Christmas music on when the tree goes up, too.

    The tradition has gradually morphed into the boys doing all the decorations while I sit and watch.

    How times change...

  7. Looks like great fun! Congrats on staying pure, with the real tree!

  8. Lovin the antlers-HA!

    Cute tree-I love the smell of a real tree, although ours is fake, I found a candle that smells just like a real oneso it will do.

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Christmas tree photos are the best!

  10. Can we swop trees? Yours is by far a better shape for our house.

  11. I think you have two trees... Climber and a Christmas tree. And a lovely wed-nosed weindeer. He's a keeper too. Pine-scented needles are divine.


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