Monday, December 06, 2010

Its Own Reward

We've been sending a regular donation to Medecins Sans Frontieres, which I was happy to do, despite my Uncle, who does our tax, telling me we couldn't afford it. But in light of the steep rent increase I cancelled it this week. I intend to fly the Supporting-Worthy-Causes flag in these straitened times by selling raffle tickets for the three charities who are always ringing me, (Caroline we're just calling to thank you for your support in the past blah blah ... righto just get to the point and ask me to sell another book!) and throwing change in collection tins that are rattled at me. A regular donation might have to wait a year or so now. However, a small contribution to our school's Junior School Council's food drive for disadvantaged people at Christmas was well within our means.  I thought maybe the kids would have been quite into it, maybe been a little fired up by the JSC talking to them at school about the importance of helping others less fortunate etc, but my kids just looked slightly bemused (rather than say virtuous or rewarded) at this Advent Activity.



  1. You know what? I was going through my parents' kitchen cupboards the other day, and did a bit of a purge. Since mum had her stroke, dad had to step up and do the weekly shopping. To say he was obsessive is to put it mildly. If he dropped under 6 of a can of each item, he was ringing us with an urgent requirement to get some shopping for him.

    Anyway, after my purge the other day, I decided to take them to Coles to put in the box that I was sure would be there out the front for such a purpose. Nothing there!! Can you believe it? I was sure there would be one there, Kmart has the gift tree, Coles should have a food collection bin.

    Anyway, my sister is taking them to her kids' school now for the same purpose, but I have to say, I am pretty disappointed in Coles.

  2. Over here, at MissM's school, they work hand-in-helping a Pakistani School in Abu Dhabi. This 'community school' survives on the donation of others - many labourers children go here or other children whose parents cannot the afford any school fees etc., For Xmas, most children in MissM's school were paired with a child of similar age/year at the Pakistani Community School and a present worth between $10 and $16aud was to be bought. It is good for MissM to experience something like this - especially as we are expats in a wealthy country. Don't want my children turning into expat brats (which happens!)

  3. You are raising beautiful young men.


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