Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 15

The kids' Advent Activity for tonight was to read a Christmas story at bedtime, and although I left a few books out, I'll have to take it on trust that they actually did read them.  That's because I've been out tonight having a little soiree with those of my grown-up tap students as could make it.  It was such a nice evening and obviously needs to be a more regular occurrence because my tap students are smashingly lovely people and our little get-together was a very nice way to end a day which started with 3 hours of Christmas shopping in a great big mall.  Urgh. Although I did bump into the lovely Pea Soup whilst there, complete with firstborn, and she put me in the way of a Harry Potter lego bargain. And once out of the madness of the shopping centre the day improved perceptibly.  The kids' reports came home today and were totally excellent.  Then Climber's team won their first ever game of cricket - Fixit texted me to tell me they'd won and that the team was, in his words, sooooooooo happy.  Cherub and I, meanwhile, had dinner at home, then caught the tram to the Tap Hall and had a lovely time enjoying each others' company.  Fixit and Climber swung by just as the tappers started arriving, the boys went home and the tappers and I settled in for chat and refreshments.  Then it was dancing time.  Each class danced their routine and then we finished with a big noisy Shim-sham with everyone, which was awesome.  The Intermediate/Advanced girls must be feeling chuffed, when they finished their routine it was greeted with a spontaneous ooh! of delight followed by loud clapping.  I feel very lucky.  I may have a small school, but I have all the best students.

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  1. It was lovely to run into you, particularly as it's not the local shopping centre for either of us, and also particularly as I had just been thinking of you as I stood in front of the Harry Potter Lego sets. Did you get it?

    I am now 95% finished my Christmas shopping and feeling a little more relaxed. Although as firstborn reminded me cheekily, still the stockings to think of. Sigh.


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